Monday, June 11, 2007


Fellow homeschool mom and blogging pal over at SHAUNA RUMBLING has issued a most excellent challenge. I wanted to pass it on to my dear readers:
"Have you read any good Christian fiction lately? Whether your answer is "Yes! Let me tell you about the great book I just finished reading!" or "HA! Isn't that an oxymoron?" I have a challenge for you!
The Christy Awards are given annually, "recognizing excellence in Christian fiction written by contemporary authors and highlighting the breadth and diversity of Christian fiction." I have previously used the list of nominations and winners to find thought-provoking novels with well-developed characters for my reading list and to find new or new-to-me Christian authors to challenge and inspire my faith. So now I'm inviting you to join me!
The Christy Challenge is simple: Visit and take a look at the award nominations for 2007 or prior years. Pick one of the nominated books (or more if you want) from any of the genres and read it in the next month, then report back on your blog or in the comments here to let everyone know what you thought. I especially encourage those of you who are skeptical that you could possibly find any Christian novels worth reading to have a go! You might just find (as I did!) that your assumptions about Christian fiction are based on misconceptions and unfair generalizations. And if you're already a regular reader of Christian fiction, you might discover a new favorite author or two.
The challenge will be open until July 7, which is the same week that the 2007 Christy Award winners will be announced. Check back here for updates on the challenge, as I'm going to try and get a few interviews with some of this year's nominees. I'm also going to give away one of the nominated books! Anyone who reads a book nominated for a Christy Award in any year during the challenge and provides a brief review will be eligible for the drawing (please don't just review one you've read previously). During the last week of the challenge, I'll make a final post where you can leave a comment and link to your review.
Let me know in the comments or by email if you're interested in participating, and please help spread the word! You can use the button above if you'd like to promote The Christy Challenge on your blog. I'd greatly prefer not being the only participant! :) "
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Shauna said...

Thanks for the plug, Elysa! I hope it helps out the authors, too!

Elysa said...

You're welcome and me, too! :)