Monday, June 11, 2007


After all being reunited on Saturday, 2nd daughter B is now off for a week of camp with her best friend Candace and a group from Clear Branch Baptist Church. They are at Camp Garaywa for B's second summer.

Oldest daughter A went to Garaywa last summer as well.

Its really a bit of a family tradition since I was not only a camper there as a kid (and cried myself sick every night but the last due to missing home so badly) but a counselor as a college student. I went to camp with one of my elementary school best buddies Darlene many, many moons ago and met my dear friend and college roommate Darla there a little over 20 years ago.

Now my two oldest have followed in that tradition and one day, little sister L hopes to go as well. And I'm sure that as soon as Baby M is old enough to realize what's going on, she'll be dreaming of the day when she can pack up and head to Garaywa.

We're sure going to have a wealth of memories linked to that shady, dear place.

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