Thursday, September 21, 2006


Drum rolls please.....sound the trumpets....roll out the red carpet....get the tiara ready. Yet another QUEEN is being crowned by Elysa Mac, Ocean Springs Fire Prevention Queen of 1983. Yes, I once wore a tiara as I rode around in a red convertible during the firefighter parade. But just looking cute and answering a silly question on stage is NOTHING compared to what my friend is doing that earns her a crown.

Nearly 2 years ago, she and her husband's beautiful daughter was born. Because of various circumstances, including the fact that her husband worked at home, the decision was made for my friend to keep her job and her husband would stay at home with the baby. This had many good things going for it, but all along, my friend's heart was at were her thoughts. Being away from her little one day after day was harder than she had ever imagined.

But tomorrow my friend leaves the office and goes home not just for the weekend, but for good! The brilliant mind and work skills that made her such a valued employee will now be used primarily to raise her beautiful little girl into a beautiful woman and support her husband as he pursues a new adventure in his career field. Its not been an easy decision, and in fact, its been downright scary at times, but she's followed her heart and done what she believes God is telling her to do, and tomorrow she'll say goodbye to the rat race and hello to the full-time world of snuggles, storytimes, baby dolls, and playdates.

So let's all give a cyber-cheer for Deidra F. I'm crowning her Queen for the Week, but in reality, because of Deidra's great love and commitment, she'll always be queen in her daughter's eyes.

I'm proud of you, Deidra!

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