Tuesday, September 12, 2006

QUEEN of the week!

In an earlier post, I had mentioned the women in my family who have blessed me with who they are and what I can learn from them. I have been reminded lately of how much I treasure my friends and how blessed I am by so many. As a token of my love and appreciation, I'm going to crown one of the women in my life as "QUEEN" each week on my blog. Its just a simple way of letting them know that they are valued and that their beauty if not unnoticed.

For my very first Queen I crown Kelly Leggett of Colorado Springs. Kelly turns the fabulous 40 today. She's an ecclectic mom. She homeschools her 2 high school daughters and has her middle school son at a an excellent charter school. This is a symbol of Kelly's life and the path God has ordained for her. She is someone gifted from God with a great deal of compassion and empathy. And because of the many diverse things that she has experienced in life, she has the special ability of seeing "the other side of the coin". She's been the one hurt and afraid yet also the defender and overcomer. She's been a homeschooler and also a parent who has had her kids in school during different seasons. She's spent part of her life not knowing the Father and the greater part of her life living in His grace and security. She's known what it means to toil for just the basic needs of life and what its like to live in a more comfortable spot. She's lived in many different places so she can understand various cultures yet she values home and stability and makes a home for her family wherever they are. She's ached for friends in lonely seasons but the majority of times, she's been the one true friend that someone is desperately in need of. She understands and fights against her own monster of clutter yet doesn't hesitate to go help a friend slay her piles. She knows the bitterness of tears yet can tell a story that will leave those around her howling with laughter.

Today Kelly turns 40. I hope she receives some really nice gifts. But as nice as those gifts may be, they can NEVER truly reflect the gift that Kelly is to those around her and will continue to be for all the days of her life.

Enjoy wearing your imaginary tiara and know that love you!!!!

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