Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Would you join with me in praying about some things?

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The Sims Family: They are a family we know through We Will Go. They are currently attending Iris School of Ministry in Mozambique. Pray for them as they continue to adjust to the culture and being so far from home, take in what all the Lord wants them to learn, and seek His will for life after Africa.

The sale of our home: As most of you know, we have a family that wants to buy our home. We are in the process now of working out all the details. Would you pray that it goes smoothly for all involved? We are eager to be at We Will Go full-time but we also want to do things right for the buyers. They are lovely people.

The sale of the Hamilton's home: The Hamiltons are another family moving to serve at We Will Go. Their home is also for sale. Would you pray that God will send buyers and in the meantime, that they will have perfect peace knowing they can trust their God and His timing?

Anna's team: As I mentioned in a previous post, Anna's team will be leaving Kenya on Wednesday and will travel for about 30 hours via bus to Tanzania where they will spend their last couple of weeks in Africa. Please pray for safety but also pray that their hearts will be prepared as they face many unknowns.

Anna's New Orleans home: We will be picking out and paying the deposit on Anna's apartment that she'll live in while attending Holy Cross College. I've just really felt an urgency in my spirit the last couple of days to pray about the location of the apartment. We've got the complex picked out but I feel that God is telling me that the placement of it is going to be important.

Our friend Jessica Warren: She's leaving this month to go live in Honduras as a missionary. She'll be teaching school and just doing whatever she can to show the love and light of Jesus. She has been serving as an intern at We Will Go. Please pray for her as she says her goodbyes, raises funds, and sells her vehicle.

My in-laws in Africa:   Anna's not the only one of our family in Africa right now.  Jim's sister and her husband are in Kenya (yes, and only about an hour away from Anna) serving for a couple of weeks.  This is MIchael's 2nd mission trip to Kenya and Deidra's first mission trip ever.  Please pray for them as they minister but also as they seek to hear from God.  I am so excited for them.  I can't wait to talk to them when they get back. Already, I'm loving Deidra's photos and short little text messages she is sending.

Our cats: I know, but hey! If God knows about the sparrow that falls, then He cares about our cats. We've found homes for all our animals except our cats. We have about half a dozen barn cats that need new homes and three kittens, one of them is blind in one eye. Getting our animals taken care of is just one more step along the path of moving to the mission field.

Thanks for your prayers. They are so very appreciated.

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