Thursday, July 26, 2012


Nothing makes a missionary mama smile like starting her day hearing from her far away kid. Today was one of those days. Since my daughter Anna's team is staying at a hostel in Nairobi with wifi, she was able to communicate with us.

Milimani Hostel Kenya edited and resized

Anna posted this on facebook: "2+ days on a bus (with, ironically, the best sleep I've had in over a week) to get to Nairobi. Rewarded by a bacon cheeseburger, cookie dough milkshake, french fries, garlic bread and black currant soda. And yes, I'm about to do that all over again. Thank you Jesus for food."

Yes, God speaks Anna's love language.

Anna and her Expedition teammates are staying at Milimani Backpackers til tomorrow night African time. Then they'll fly out and, after a layover in Amsterdam, they'll arrive back in the States on Saturday.

Please keep on praying for them as the end of their trip is in sight. Pray for safety and ease of travel, but also pray that they'll keep on ministering to those along the way and those they are returning home to. They needed prayer during their trip but they also need us to pray for them as they start walking out what God has for them in their after-Africa life.

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