Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Wow! My friend Rosa and her kids came over and helped us de-clutter, organize, clean, and prepare for showing our house to prospective buyers. At the risk of sounding UNhumble, our abode is now looking fabulous.

P7030480 Living Room Resized

So my question for you is this, would it be totally inappropriate to make everyone live outside in a tent til the house sells?

Keep on praying, please! We have a serious prospect coming tomorrow and interest is picking up now that we're advertising on For Sale By Owner.

Thanks and blessing to you all!


Karen Deborah said...

Go ahead and make em camp in the barn. Travis will think it's EPIC!
Your living room does look really sparkly!!! WOW

Elysa said...

Thank you, Karen! We are loving how clean, de-cluttered, and beautiful it is. And I'll make sure to blame you for the living in the barn idea when Travis starts crying about it. ;)