Thursday, July 12, 2012


Yesterday, I left you hanging with not much to go on.  But after a quick day trip involving a good deal of driving, I was too tired for much blogging.  But today's another day, with plenty of sleep and plenty of chocolate.

So what did we do yesterday?  We went to my favorite American city, New Orleans!

P7110211 Mother's up close resized cropped

We drove down to pick out Anna's apartment and pay the deposit, but who can go to the Big Easy and just pick out an apartment and pay a deposit?  Not us!

Jim and I grabbed the opportunity to make it into a fun get-away date.  After we got the housing situation settled, we headed to Mother's Restaurant featured on MAN VERSUS FOOD.

P7110202 resized

We did actually look at the menu, but we both quickly decided that we wanted to try their famous po-boy, The Ferdi, that MVF's Adam Richman raved about. I actually had some Swiss cheese to mine which made it become a Ralph po-boy.

P7110196 resized


The po-boys feature their famous baked ham along with roast beef, "debris" and gravy, shredded cabbage, pickles, mayo, creole and yellow mustard. And what is "debris"?

P7110203 resized sandwich

It is the bits and pieces of roast beef that fall into the gravy while the meat cooks.  It is really tender and adds to the moist yummyness of the sammie.  Besides the delish po-boys, we also had bread pudding.  Yeah, bread pudding was our side dish.

P7110204 Edited resized

And as you can see from the photo below, it was all plate-cleaning worthy. 

P7110205 edited resized

We got rained on and had to deal with trying to figure out the parking situation, but as you can tell by my happy face, it was worth it.  And by the way, if you go to Mother's, there is on the street parking that just costs a couple of bucks.  Much cheaper than the parking lots which charge about 7 times that much.  Believe me, we know.  Yeah, we know now after the fact.  But as I said, it was worth it.  And we did take advantage of having plenty of paid parking time left over after the meal to walk around a bit.  New Orleans really is a wonderful city to explore.

P7110209 Elysa resized

After our wet walk, it was dessert time!  You might be asking about that bread pudding.  Don't you remember?  I said that we had that for our side.  We still wanted our sweet ending for our Crescent City afternoon so the hunky husband, fabulous man that he is, all on his own decided we needed to go to Blue Frog Chocolates.  He had taken me there for the first time when we were in New Orleans for Valentine's Day.  We loved it then and we loved it this time.

P7110216 chocolate frogs resized

We got the kids some chocolate rocks; a blue frog for Betsie who had been taking care of her siblings back home; peppery chocolate bits, espresso truffles, and Zapp's Cajun CrawTaters dipped in dark chocolate for us love birds.

P7110228 resized

And with Jim's coffee added to the mix, we were set to road trip back home. I don't ever like having to leave New Orleans, but at least we had some goodness to make the parting a little easier.

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