Monday, July 02, 2012


This week we are really working hard to get the house ready for the new owner that God is going to send our way. We are asking God not just to provide that buyer, but to also help us to trust that HIM during the process.
P7020466 Front Door and Terra resized

I want to be able to just rest in Him...just like our big, ole, fluffy, cat Terra. Her life is rapidly changing around her. One by one and even two by two, all the other animals are leaving. The tractor that she and the other cats would often perch on was picked up today by its new owner. The chickens are leaving tomorrow. But she just keeps on enjoying life --- napping, eating her two meals a day, cuddling with our dog, being carried around by a kid.

Now I know what you might be thinking, "Elysa, she's a cat. You're a person. Of COURSE you're not gonna be like a cat". Yeah, yeah, I'm not a cat. But I am a child of God and He tells me to trust Him and not worry or stress.

My little ones aren't worried or stressed. Sure, they are sad about their animals leaving and they don't love having to do extra cleaning, but they aren't freaking out. They know they're not responsible for selling our house. 

And ultimately, I'm not either.

Sure, I need to clean the house (and thank God for my friends who are helping in that area) and declutter. I am getting the word out there that it is for sale. But when it comes down to it, I need to see that God is in charge of selling our house. He is the one who told us to move to inner-city Jackson and Swaziland. Why in the world would He tell us to move if He wasn't going to work things out?

That's crazy.

I wouldn't tell my kids to set the table if we didn't have dishes and utensils. I wouldn't tell the kids to go do their school assignments if I hadn't provided books. And I wouldn't tell my daughters to cook supper if I hadn't already taught them how and then made sure they had the ingredients.

So if I, being the sometimes lame parent and always imperfect parent that I am, don't tell my kids to do things without providing the means for them to do it, why would I think my perfect Father would do that to me?

He's amazing. He is full of love. He wants me to obey Him. He wants me to fulfill the dreams and destiny He has put in our lives. He wants me to accomplish all that He has called me to.

So of course He's going to sell our house.

I just need to keep on praying and asking Him to make me a little bit more like laid back, well fed Terra and a whole lot more like Jesus.


Karen Deborah said...

This post makes me feel like crying. It's beautiful and absolutely true. In writing it you did become more like the cat.
I'm glad I came out not so long ago and keep the memory of your place as it was with all of that life. Whoever is getting your hens are getting some great egg layin gals.
Hope all the animals find love and homes.
Maybe the new family will want Terra and she can stay.
I hope so.

Elysa said...

Thank you for your sweet words, Karen. I need to quote from my blog over and over today, make it my mantra, as I face a full day of preparation. I am definitely feeling overwhelmed again this morning.

Gotta keep reminding myself that I can't make it perfect. But that GOD is my PROVIDER and He'll bring a family that will love it despite the imperfections just like we loved it despite the imperfections 13 years ago.

Please pray!