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Anna's team is now serving in Tanzania, but just before they left Kenya, her teammate Rebecca Gonzalez wrote this blog post:

Anna's Exp. Team in Kenya resized

We have about 18 days left until we're all home again. 18. I don't know how I feel about that.

Don't get me wrong --I can't wait to once again meet up with hamburgers, ice cream, hot showers and my family and friends. And I know that is the consensus of the team. But at the same time, I've lived my whole life dreaming of holding African babies, helping them for the sake of my Savior, and this place has offered so much more than that. There has not been one day here that hasn't taught me something, humbled me, poured into me and/or allowed me to step out in boldness and minister to someone else.

I held a tiny, sick baby in a hospital and prayed for him...though tiny, his life felt so heavy as I lifted it up to Jesus. I held the hands of smiling street kids as we walked them to the church for some fun and a meal. I spoke truth to people in tough situations, and when I was attacked I had truth graciously poured into me. I painted the nails of my little friends Faith and Lucy in our blanket-fort. I talked to their father, a great man of God, about how wonderful and good it was for God to make us human...he could have made us goats! I had my hair braided by our pastor's daughter. Africa -- Uganda and Kenya -- have been awesome to me. God has done AMAZING things here, and we're only just leaving our second country.

With that perspective, I know He could do SO MUCH MORE...but is there time? As much as I love home, I'm haunted with the count-down. I want to do more, be used more, to learn more, step out more, know people more, be known more and grow more -- and there is such little time! But I'm grateful for this knowledge. God uses it to teach me the reality of my situation and really, the reality of life here on earth.

I'm reminded that, first, to God a thousand years is as a day, and a day as a thousand years. He has done more than I could fathom in a month and a half...what more can he do in our last (about) 3 weeks! I am excited to see all that is still to come, and how the effects of this trip will carry on long after we leave African soil. But, secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I'm reminded that we do have a limited time. That should not paralyze us; on the contrary, that should make us move, and move fast. If we want to grow here, we must step out more. If we want to be used, we must step up more. As a friend from the World Race in Uganda said "When you leave a country, you never regret the days you got out and did something, but you do regret the days you hung out in your room." As excited as I will definitely be when I am home with my family, I have a little time left here, and because of God's grace it will not be squandered. But God reminds me, this is not just an "I'm in Africa" mindset. The truth is, we have a very limited time on this earth, and as sweet as it will be when we get Home to our Father, what are we doing right now? Are we touching people's lives? Are we growing and learning? Are we letting people in? Because we're leaving soon...

A big price was paid for me to come here to Africa, and I will not waste that. I will be present and use every minute. :) But a bigger one was paid for our lives here on this earth. Let it not be wasted. I'm excited about all God is doing, all He still will do. Pray that absolutely no time here is squandered. We leave for Tanzania tonight. Also pray for safe travels and sweet ministry in our last country! Love you all and thank you for ALL the support!

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