Thursday, March 31, 2011


I thought I'd share some news updates as well as posting today's auction offering.

Here's just a random listing of things going on:

*The three teenagers are participating in a homeschool production of PETER PAN. I went to the first presentation on Monday and was very impressed with their acting and the costumes. Most of them were made or designed by a mom that we've known since David was a baby and she kept him in Mommy's Morning Out. That's a photo of us from after the play. I'll have to post more another day. They have two more performances and though the busyness of the schedule has been stressful at times, they are going to miss seeing their friends on a regular basis.

*Our two oldest sons' Boy Scout troop had their Camp-o-Ree this past weekend. The theme was R-U-Fit. They got blue ribbons for the Camp Site Inspection and for Snatch-the-Bacon.

*Betsie leaves for Thailand in 18 days. She is obviously very, very excited. And the more I read about Thailand and what God is doing there plus see photos from other missionaries, the more I'm looking forward to getting to go there her last week and doing a little bit of ministry and sight-seeing of my own.

*Anna and Betsie will be attending their first prom next week. It is a homeschool group prom combined with a banquet. The girls have found beautiful dresses to wear. Anna's is an ultra-sophisticated, to the knee, dress in a very, very, pale, icy-periwinkle. Betsie's is an authentic vintage dress of pale blue netting and egg-shell lace. It has a fitted bodice with a wonderfully poofy skirt that is tea length. The dresses fit the girls looks and personalities perfectly. Anna will be going with a friend whose parents minister in inner-city Jackson. Betsie will be going with two homeschool friends, a guy and a girl. Don't worry! We'll take lots of photos and post plenty.

*7 year old T went fishing for the first time this past weekend during the Camp-o-Ree that he tagged along for. He was so excited to catch not just his first fish, but four fish! He is already bugging his dad to take him fishing again.

*The three youngest are loving the spring-time weather and the caterpillars that have made an extravagant appearance on many of our bushes. What they do with them for hours on end, I'm not really sure. But whatever it is, it keeps them occupied and happy.

Now for today's auction item. Our pastor and his wife have three wonderful grown daughters. They are all truly a joy to know. The 2nd one, Debbie Leigh Brown Holt, is a busy mom of two little boys but she took the time to sew two lovely tote bags for us.

Both bags are fully lined. As you can see from the photos, they are roomy enough to act as a diaper bag, book bag, shopping bag, Bible and journal tote, or a nice-sized purse without being bulky. You can click on the photos to see a larger view of them.

We will start the bidding on each bag at $12. All proceeds will go directly to help fund our three teenagers' mission trips and we will ship the bags to the winner if you live in the States but not nearby.

To bid, leave a comment with your name, contact information, and the amount you are bidding. Also, please state whether you want the first purse, which is blue, green, and brown paisley or the second purse which is blue flowers. If you are unable to post a comment for some reason, send me a fb message (I'm on fb as "Elysa Mac"), or if you know me in real life, call me or email me. My cell phone is not working so don't text me. The auction ends on the evening of April 8.

Thank you and may God bless you and yours in crazy good ways.


Lauren said...

Can you put me down for an opening bid on the 2nd, blue flowered, bag? Thanks! Lauren

Elysa said...

I can DEFINITELY put you down for the 2nd one. Thanks, Lauren!

Elysa said...

Glenda Martin, a friend we know thru WE WILL GO, has bid $15. I love my inner-city ministry pals. :D

Elysa said...

Just to clarify, Lauren has bid the opening amount as stated in the blog for the 2nd one. That is $12. Glenda has bid on the 1st one at $15.

Betsie said...

Kristi Barlow bids $20 on the 2nd one.

Elysa said...

The winners are:

Glenda Martin wins the 1st one at $15.

Kristi Barlow wins the 2nd one at $20.