Saturday, March 12, 2011


Today marks the second day of our online auction to raise money for my three teenagers' mission trips.

All of today's offerings come from my missionary friend Clinton White. He previously did a WORLD RACE mission trip with ADVENTURES IN MISSIONS that took him to 11 nations in 11 months. He has since spent time ministering in other places including Haiti and Ukraine. To read more about his missionary adventures, go to his blog:

In the meantime, let the bidding begin on these beautiful items from exotic lands.

These two bracelets were made by women and girls who have escaped the sex trade industry of Thailand or were at high risk of turning to prostitution. They were made at Narimon, the women's product division of Servantworks. When an item is bought from Narimon, the money is used to help a women stay financially independent of needing the sex industry for her livelihood. When Clinton bought this jewelry, he was helping women who are working to find and maintain their dignity. And when you buy this jewelry, the money will be used to help my girls who will be working this summer to help other women either leave the sex industry or never find themselves in a situation where they feel forced to enter it.

This first bracelet is made of various brown stones including "tiger's eye" and is a "coil" bracelet that can be made to fit any size arm, wrist, or even ankle.

This green one is also made of stone chips and is in a coil form.

The bidding on each bracelet starts at $8,

To place a bid, leave a comment with your name, contact information, if you want the green or brown bracelet, and the amount you are bidding. This auction will last end the evening of April 1 so that any jewelry ordered will have time to get to the winner before Easter. If for some reason you are unable to comment, send me an email, call me, or fb message with your bid amount.

To read more about Servantworks and Narimon, visit their website at:


Elysa said...

My long-time college friend Janet B has bid $50 for the green bracelet. :D

elizabeth said...

$12 for the brown bracelet-Elizabeth (also took a look at the website, beautiful jewelry and beautiful story)

Elysa said...

Thank you, Elizabeth...for the bid and your sweet comment. :)

Elysa said...

Janet is the winner of the green bracelet at $50. Elizabeth is the winner of the brown bracelet at $12. Thanks so much. I'll be contacting y'all via fb.