Monday, March 14, 2011


Behold this beautifully, handpainted cross. I just love it! It would actually look GREAT in my house but I've got to stop buying the donations and actually sell them!

This painting was done by Betty Hodge who attends church with us and is one of my daughter Betsie's best "grown-up" friends. Betty has a real heart for God and this is demonstrated by her lifestyle. She puts that love into action as she serves her family, her friends, her homeschool group, her Sunday School girls, and her church as a whole.

The bidding on this fabulous painting begins at $20. To bid on it, leave me a comment with your name, the amount you are bidding, and your contact information. The auction will end on the evening of Friday, April 8.

Thank you, Betty, for your donation and thanks to all of you for taking the time to visit Graceland and our online auction to raise money for my kids' mission trips. And if you would, we'd really appreciate you passing on the link to this auction to your contacts via facebook, twitter, and blogging.


Elysa said...

My friend, Janet Butts, just bid $50 on the cross painting.

elizabeth said...

That is a beautiful painting! $20 would have been a steal, though. I'll keep looking. :)

Elysa said...

Isn't it beautiful, Elizabeth? It was painted by one of my daughter Betsie's best friend-that's-a-mom.

Elysa said...

Janet is the winner of the cross painting at $50. Thank you, dear friend!