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Tonight, my 7 year old son asked me if I would write a blog post about him. I said I could, but that it would have to be a blog post related to Swaziland because I'm writing a series about kids there who need sponsors. Mr. T agreed, if later I would do one just about him (such a narcissist) and, of course, when his little sister Miss M heard about this, she said she wanted one, too.

Looks like I'm going to be pretty busy in the coming days writing posts about certain children who don't yet live in Swaziland. But in the meantime, let's see if we can write a post about this American kid and Swaziland and Bheveni at the same time.

Well, here goes---

So Mr. T, how long til your family moves to Swaziland?

About coffee years.

Uh, what does that mean?

What did you say?

How many years is "coffee years"?

Um....well, how old coffee gets, like us.

Are you trying to refer to something such as dog years?

No. Uh, maybe.

T, how many years til we move to Swaziland?

In coffee years or in human years?

Human years.

Okay, um...2. 'Cause remember Mom, next year we're going to Washington, D.C., and then the next year we're going on a trip to Swaziland, and then the next year we're going to Africa to move there.

Well, actually, that's more like almost 3 years.

Well, maybe.

So why are we moving to Swaziland?

Before I tell you that, the reason I say "coffee years" is 'cause I was drinking my coffee...

Your coffee?

[Laughs hysterically][more silly laughter].....[bounces off the wall once, literally]....[hops up and down a few times and then bounces off the wall some more]...the reason why I said "coffee years" is 'cause when I was drinking my coffee, I thought you said "how many coffee years til we move to Africa".

Okay, now that we have that settled...


...why are we moving to Africa?

'Cause my mom wants to drink coffee [more deranged laughter]....okay, I take that back....the reason we are moving to Africa is 'cause God's telling us to. And when God tells us to do something, we drink coffee. [And even MORE insane laughter erupts as well as wall bouncing and running] Okay, okay, okay...enough with the coffee. The reason God told us to move to Africa is 'cause He wants us to minister to the people that are doing witchcraft and that kind of bad stuff and kissing men that aren't their husbands.

What about the kids?

Well, we're ministering to them by coming to where they are and talking to them.

How else can we help them?

Well, we can go bring food to them. That's a good thing. We can do with a little bit of stuff or we can give all our stuff away. That's something good. its time for the exciting things.

What exciting things?

We're going shark diving!!!! We're going bungie jumping!!!!!!!!!!!! We're going sky diving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're going on a long, long zip-line. The zip-line is like 3 hours!!!!

WOW! As you can see, T has big plans for our future life in Swaziland.

And Godly plans.

Yes, T, and Godly plans. We're looking forward to having a lot of fun times together as a family and some of those fun times will be crazy things like shark diving, but a lot of the fun times are going to include some amazing Swazi kids, like the ones at the Bheveni Carepoint. I can't wait to see my kids playing with those kids.

My smile is going to be so big it'll probably cause face cramps!

Can't you just imagine my kids faces mixed in with these precious kids?

I am going to love watching them play with them, sing the Swazi songs I've taught them since they were little, praying with them, and even sharing food, clothes and toys with these kids.

Kids like Lindani. This little fun-loving 5 year old boy lives with his grandmother and 9 other children. He walks 25 minutes daily to the Bheveni Carepoint for preschool class, food, Bible teaching, and a safe place to play.

One day, my kids will have the chance to meet little boys like Lindani. They'll come to know them as in-real-life friends. Not all of you and not all of your children will ever have that chance. But, you and your kids can still be a friend to Lindani or other children at Bheveni Carepoint.

Through a commitment of $34 a month, you can become their sponsor. As a Children's HopeChest sponsor, you will help provide food, education, medical care, and Bible teaching to the Bheveni community. You'll also write them letters and receive messages from them.

And you will even have the opportunity to go and visit the Bheveni Carepoint and become in-real-life friends with a Swazi child...just like my little Mr. T and the rest of my kids.

For more information, visit Danielle Brower's website at:

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Karen Deborah said...

It fills my heart with joy that your beautiful family all have a heart for missions. What a legacy you are allowing God to create in you! God is so good!