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Through the wonder of the internet, I've gotten to know Sallee Couch, wife of Monte and mom to a growing family of absolutely beautiful children.

Last year, she sewed my little Miss M some beautiful "Poppy Dips" clothing for Christmas and even threw in some extra things for free that her little girl had out grown. Sallee is a sewing whiz with a purpose --- she is using all her profits to bring home their new son from Ethiopia.

Here is their story:

Our little Samson Jude

let the pictures speak for themselves....

Sue-- our amazing director of our agency had this to say...

"I am not sure we have seen such a transformation....his skin, his eyes.. he now has a glow... when I first got his pictures, I was sure we would NEVER find him a family............ and now... well.... he is one blessed little boy and you are blessed too, for stepping out into the unknown to save a little Gumuz boy"

So let me 're-cap' our story for you....

We've been called to adopt again ~ a 3rd time from Ethiopia ~
We currently have five children at home ~ 3 bio and 2 adopted
and NOW we have passed court!! so let me re-say
We currently have SIX children!!

Adeline 17
Madison 17
Gabriel 12
Esther 5 (ET in '06)
Solomon 3 (ET in '08)
Samson Jude 3 in ETHIOPIA waiting for us!!

We began the process in Feb. 09...
long story short
we were with another agency
through God's divine providence we saw little Samson
(his given Ethiopian name!)
We felt the call to adopt him!
MORE paperwork
Through this process Ethiopian law changed...a 2 trip country now
one trip for court - to go before the judge to pledge our commitment to adopt
one trip for embassy-- with his visa granted--to bring him home.

Montie ~ my hubs! ~ and I just returned home from Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA from meeting our son and going to court. We passed!


We wait to hear that all has been cleared and his visa has been granted
then we will travel back to bring him home.
(4-8 weeks from now????? but as you know this can change!)

We originally thought I would travel for court so as to save $
changed ~ as we learned his story ~ we saw it necessary for us BOTH to be there.

We originally thought I would travel with our son Gabe to the embassy date.
As Adeline, Madison, and Montie traveled to pick up our Solomon back in '08 ~ that trip was life changing for our girls ~ we desire Gabe to 'see'
after meeting Samson Jude on December 26th, 2010
we see it necessary for BOTH Montie and I to travel to pick him up
and our hearts desire is to still have Gabe along.
as you know this all costs$$

Many many of you have been so supportive with the POPPY DIP clothing that I sewed/sold for our fund
nearly 1700 dresses!!

The sewing machines were sent to the shop before we left for court~ and are still there!
To be honest I'm very tired of sewing and my children are too!! and hubs!!
our plea to you is to make a small donation
if everyone who bought a POPPY DIP gave just $10 we could have enough to buy all 4 plane tickets
yes FOUR
Daddy, Mommy, Brother, and return flight Samson Jude!

Please consider and know that we appreciate all of you
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

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shout it!!

Sallee and the Couch Family


If you would like to donate and have it count as a tax deduction, go to and please put "COUCH 997 Adoption" in the 'purpose'.

Whether you can give or not, as Sallee said, would you please consider sharing this with others on your blog, at fb, or other places? And pray, too!

Thanks so much for helping a child become a part of a forever family,

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