Monday, January 24, 2011


...of my blue-eyed girl.

My five year old blue-eyed girl, that is.

I promised Miss M a few nights ago, that I'd do a blog post all about her. Since she got a new, happy, twirl skirt in the mail today from Poppy Dips, it seems like an appropriate time to let her express herself.

First of all, Miss M, what are your favorite blue things since I know blue is your favorite color?

Blue Baby Doll, Blue's Clues, my blue Tweety Boyd [bird] shirt that I got on my 3 year old birthday, blueberries, and my snowman shirt I love, and that's all I love about blue.

Well your new skirt doesn't have much blue in it but it is still very pretty. Why did you pick that particular pattern for it to be made in?

Because I likeded the colors and how boydie [birdie] it is.

You like Poppy Dip skirts don't you?


And you like visiting the Poppy Dip website, don't you?


How come?

Because I like it.


Because they have awesome beds, because they have good kids, and their daughter Esther has a baby doll. And their family name is the Couches.

Why does Miss Sallee make and sell these adorable clothes?

Because she knows it will nice for other people's families.

And what does she do with the money?

She keeps it so she can get her new little brown boy from Ethiopia.

She's adopting him?


He's a cutie pie isn't he?


If you could tell him one thing about his new life in America, what it would be?

Well, he'll like that he has a house [instead of an orphanage] and he'll like his family.

I think that Miss M is absolutely spot on. The best thing about living in America for Samson Jude is going to be his new home and family...because I know they already love him like crazy. And every child deserves to be part of a forever family willing to go to the ends of the earth for him. And that's just what they are doing.

If you're interested in reading about the Couch Family's adoption journey (Samson Jude is their 3rd child to adopt from Ethiopia) and seeing photos of Sallee's darling creations, visit her blog at:

And if you think about it, say a prayer for them and all the other adoptive families out there working to bring their children home. The adoption road can often be a hard and long one filled with upsets and detours. But it is well worth it because as that famous, red-shod girl was apt to say, "there's no place like home". There are a lot of homes out there just waiting for that special smiling child to enter the door that brings them into a family united not by ancestry, but by love.

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