Friday, January 28, 2011


Seeing as how it is the last Friday of the first month of 2011, I thought I'd hit you with some MacHappenings.

*Oldest daughter Anna is now 17 and has officially started her senior year this month. She will be finishing up school this coming December and has HOLY CROSS COLLEGE in New Orleans as her first choice. Her career goal at this point is to go to work for the FBI after majoring in Applied Behavioral Science and then hopefully move on to work for the International Justice Mission fighting human trafficking and under age prostitution. She is working for a local frozen yogurt shop and driving her very own truck compliments of her Grandma Chris.

*Anna, Betsie, and David are all participating in a production of Peter Pan that a local homeschool group is putting on. Anna is one of the Lost Boys, Betsie is Tinker Bell, and David plays Lone Wolf. This is their first big production to be in so they are excited and having fun meeting a lot of new homeschoolers.

*All three of the above mentioned kids are still in the throes of fundraising and preparing for their upcoming missions trips. Betsie leaves mid-April for 2 months in Northern Thailand with friends from our area who are missionaries there. Her best friend Candace, pictured above, is going on an AIM trip to Nicaragua and will be leaving just after Betsie gets back. They are already dreading the separation. In mid-June, Anna will be leaving for a month in Bangkok, Thailand as part of an Ambassador team. Later in the month, David will leave with his AIM Ambassador team for 3 weeks in the Amazon Rain Forest of Peru.

*Today was our homeschool group's spelling bee. Betsie had been the undefeated, reigning champion for the past 5 years. She finally "aged out" and so couldn't compete this year. All of the 5 younger kids participated to some degree. The 2 youngest were in the "Fun Bee" that is strictly an exhibition one and they, along with their parents, get to pick the words they will spell. This was 5 year old Miss M's first year to be in it. David, Patrick, and their sister LG were in the competitive bee and David came in 3rd place out of 13 contenders.

*Many of you know that my last remaining grandparent died a couple of weeks ago. Though a funeral is always sad in ways, it was good to know that she was no longer in pain but with her family, friends, and Lord in Heaven. It was also good to see my North Alabama cousins that I haven't seen in several years. All of the husbands were there and most of the kids along with my aunt and uncle. My Florida Aunt and Uncle were there with both of my grown Florida cousins and kids. And since my brother and his family were present, it was the very first time that many of us have been together ever.

*Next week, Jim and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. We surely have been through a lot since then and definitely done some changing --- physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. What hasn't changed is our commitment to love each other "for better or worse" and I can honestly say that there has been a whole lot better than worse.

*I'm still working with Danielle Brower and the rest of the Bheveni folks to help recruit more sponsors for some very amazing but very needy Swazi kids. Thankfully, we've gained 2 more sponsors over the last couple of weeks. We now only have 9 more children that need special friends here in America. I was very blessed to have one of my Bheveni posts, the one with the HUNGER GAMES tie-in, featured on my college alum's blog today: I'm hoping and praying that this new audience will also bring in some new people who want to partner with us in changing the future for this community of kids. Pray with me for this, okay?

Well, that's it for now. We've got an African-missions themed evening ahead for us with friends coming over to talk about recent ministry trips so I'd better get off and start getting stuff done.

Hope you have a great weekend with those you enjoy the most and hope you get some time to dream those dreams God has for you!

With joy,
Elysa Mac

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