Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The H2O Project :: Lent 2010

How do you prepare for the resurrection of Jesus?

Here's an idea from the folks at LIVING WATER:

Christians have an ancient tradition of setting aside 40 days to prepare for Easter. Our traditions are powerful. Our roots are powerful. Lent is powerful. Now imagine we harness that power to heal the world. Imagine us all practicing Lent, journeying alongside Jesus to Jerusalem. Imagine the power if we all were to…

PRAY. Like Christ prayed in Gethsemane.
FAST. Like Christ fasted in the desert—a sacrifice to remind us of Christ’s sacrifice.
GIVE. Like Christ gave his life so that others would have abundant life.

What would it look like to focus our preparation for the Resurrection to PRAY, FAST and GIVE…water?

The Challenge

For two weeks, make water your only beverage. Save the money that you would normally spend on sodas, coffee, juice, milk, and sport drinks. At the end of the two weeks, send the money you saved to Living Water International for the drilling of wells in needy communities. Challenge your church, your youth group, your class at school, your club, or the rest of your family to take the H2O Challenge with you.

What difference can you make? If you saved a dollar a day for two weeks, you could provide three families with clean water for a year. If you got your friends, your church, or your youth group to do it with you, you could reach a whole village. Or more. Every bit really does make a difference.


Go to this link:

OR contact an H2O Project Coordinator near you:

Houston, Texas: Marisol Sampson ( | 281-207-7834)
Raleigh, North Carolina: Chris Winter ( | 919-349-8190)

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