Saturday, February 27, 2010

Many have been asking if we need anything or how they can help in light of our house fire. Often, they ask over the phone or if we run into them somewhere and I draw a blank as to how they can help. I thought I would make a list as a reference for those interested. Flor now, we can't take big items or a lot of stuff as we are staying in a hotel and then will be in an RV for several months. But here are some ideas of things we could use right now.
Food and other items:
maze books for kids
activity books for kids
Crayola crayons
cute stationary & stamps
address book
Disney's Incredible's comic books
VeggieTale/Larry Boy chapter books
illustrated Bible storybook for kids
hair clips for children, teens, or Mom
pony tail holders
little boys' underwear, size 6 or 7
black, knee-high stockings
ladies' socks for Elysa (black, white, bright patterns...knee high, booties, etc.)
Tom's of Maine toothpaste
plastic spoons
paper/cardboard plates
paper/cardboard bowls
deli foods from Rainbow Market or Fresh Market
tuna lunch/snack "kits"
raisins in mini boxes
"lite" canned fruit (in juice, not syrup)
individual cups of apple sauce (no sugar)
Annie's All Natural Bunny Crackers
all natural granola
all natural peanut butter
honey---in squirt bottle or individual packs
dried veggie snacks
Stevia packs
cans of turkey chili or vegetarian chili
all natural tortilla chips
all natural Cheetos
100% juice juice boxes
string cheese
sliced cheddar cheese or other deli style cheeses
pretzel chips
pretzel chips
whole wheat bagels
baked, bagel chips
pita chips (prefer whole wheat or multi-grain)
organic ketchup (Heinz, Kroger brand, etc.)
cans of bean & bacon soup
cans of split pea soup
cans of tortilla soup
Chex Mix
Tabasco Sauce
One of our biggest challenges is staying long-term in a hotel with lots of little kids. Gift cards to places that get us out and about would be a huge blessing. Some ideas would be restaurants that have indoor playgrounds such as Chick-fil-A, Back Yard Burger, and Pizza Hut. Other local options would be Gatti's Town, Chuck E. Cheese, or Tinseltown movie theater.
We need help with:
*Places for the kids to go for playdates.
*Folks to help us clean up our house, salvage and clean stuff, and get ready for the rebuild/remodel.
*Someone to take the books our daughter had collected to sell for missions and try to sell them for us. It is mostly homeschool curriculum but also cookbooks, fiction, etc.
We need to buy an inexpensive, reliable, used truck. If anyone knows of a good one for sale, please let us know. Our mini van is dying on a regular basis and needs to be replaced so with all the moving and construction we are going to be doing, we would like to trade it for a vehicle that will help with hauling stuff around.
And most of all, please continue to pray for us. God has been so good. Pray that we'll continue to trust Him and rest in His peace and provision. And pray that all the things will come together with our insurance soon so we can move forward with moving an RV onto our property and begin cleaning and rebuilding. Pray most of all, that we will love more! Love Him, love each other, and love those He brings into our life.

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