Friday, October 09, 2009

...of family fun & fried food. Today was our family's annual outing to the state fair. It was a small group for us today as our oldest daughter "A" was home with a sick "T" and our 2nd daughter "B" is at Orange Beach with friends. I missed having them there but hope to do an abbreviated make-up day next week.
In the meantime, here are some shots from our day:
The exotic petting zoo is where we always start our fair days and it is much enjoyed by the younger ones.

Porta-potty or laundry service??? I'm so confused.
The 4-H Barn is always a highlight of the day. Though D and his friend Caleb were quite frustrated that they couldn't get the exhibit to work. Little Miss M was perfectly content to spend most of her time in the barn "milking" the cow.

Yum-yum! Fried GREEN BEANS with ranch dip from Penn's Catfish House fair booth. They were SO good! And the green vegetatiousness of them almost made up for all the deep fat frying and sweets consumed today.
Walking the fairway and trying to decide on what to many, many options and such limited, limited money.
Big brother P rode the Chinese Dragon with LG. I think at least one of our kids rides this one every year.
Big Brother D rode the "peace out" bumble bee with Little Miss M. He said that he was just ACTING like he was having fun so SHE would have fun. Sure. We believe you. Really.
D and P both entered crafts in the fair and both won ribbons. D entered a camp cook box on legs plus a wooden pen, 4th of July basket, and a Christmas tree ornament.

Patrick made a flag; large. painted birdhouse, and Christmas wreath.

Funnel cake! Mmmmmm! After huge fair fare feast at lunch --- which included a corndog, chili cheese corn dog, shrimp-on-a-stick, polish sausage, fried green beans, and chicken-on-a-stick --- one funnel cake was more than enough to satisfy cravings. And generously sprinkle D with powdered sugar and leave a fine chocolate film on faces and hands.
Little Miss M was asleep within a few minutes of leaving the fair but perked up when it was time to share cotton candy that we brought home for Mr. T and his sweet, babysitting, big sister.

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