Thursday, October 01, 2009


Happiness is God's provision of a job for me as a part-time, professional artist...despite the fact that most of the time, so far, I haven't felt like I knew what the heck I was doing!

Happiness is a freshly painted mailbox...even if in doing it I made myself stress out BIG time because I was running late to pick hubby up from the airport.

Happiness is hubby coming safely home from a week long dam business trip to Florida...even if he did come home with the flu.

Happiness is having a working air conditioner...even if hubby is freezing me out because he's burning up hot from the lovely flu.

Happiness is having a teenage daughter who can go out to pick her sister up from a concert when I'm too tired...even if I am very, very nervous and hyper-jumpy when I drive with her.

Happiness is getting to listen to smooth jazz on accuradio...even if afore mentioned teenage daughter makes disparaging comments and facial expressions.

Happiness is watching my daughters grow into amazing young women...even though it means that all-to-soon they'll be flying from our cluttered, crowded nest.

Happiness is reading about the antics of my college age friends at MUW on facebook...even if it makes me miss them and the "mature" women I went to school with.

Happiness is being absolutely crazy-in-love with the nation of Swaziland...even though it means my heart often hurts because I long for it so deeply.

Happiness is dwelling on the blessings...despite the other stuff.

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