Tuesday, January 01, 2008


As much as I'd love to think that I'm going to write a detailed account of all our wonderful Christmas memories, I just know it ain't going to happen. At least not tonight when I'm wore plum out from taking care of sick kiddos all day but at least I can post a few pics. I'll just have to settle for my kids' journals being a written record of our seasonal happenings. When I'm their teacher, I can conveniently let that be a homeschool assignment. One day they'll thank me for it as they rise up and call me blessed....really.

Super hubby says I'm staying up too late on the pc so in an attempt to be a good, sweet, submissive wife, I'm getting off without any captions. I'll try to add those tomorrow. Til then...g'night!

Audrey Hepburn was able to join us for our Christmas Day festivities.

D loved the Catan card game he rec'd for Christmas.

Grandmommy and my nephew Cullen share a Christmas hug during our family get-together on Saturday, December 29.

My brother Edward and his youngest child Connor enjoy my mom's traditional fried shrimp Chistmas dinner.

Cullen gets enjoys another hug, this time from my sister-in-law Stephanie of THAT GIRL DESIGNZ.

The cousins actually sharing a gift nicely with each other...the scene was not quite so pretty where the highly coveted viewmaster was concerned.

Princess LG was thrilled to receive her favorite Eric Carle book, Mr. Sea Horse, as a gift from Grandmommy.

Here I am very gleeful over a new book, Lucky Jim, from my brother's family.

Baby M loves her markers and Dora book...I love that they are the kind from Crayola that ONLY write on the special paper and NOT on the furniture, walls, and carpet.

Mr. T is also pretty happy about his new book, a Thomas the Tank Engine one in his case.

I'll post more photos later today...hopefully.

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