Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Someone close to me is a very honest and hardworking business owner. For the last year and a half he and his business associates have been fighting a legal battle in which they have not only been falsely accused, but have also had unethical things done against them. Please pray for my loved one as he meets with authorities today. Pray that the truth will prevail. Pray that the authorities will finally see and accept the fact that there were not illegal activities going on and end the investigation. Pray for my loved one that he will have wisdom and clarity as they speak. Pray that this will all be used to strengthen his relationship and trust in God. This whole thing has been incredibly difficult and taken a toll on him physically.

Above all, I pray that all things will be used for his good and God's glory.

Thank you so much,


Clear Branch Baptist Church said...

I just prayed. Let us know how the Lord answers.

Drewe Llyn (Who is signed in at the church.)

Elysa said...

Thank you, Drewe Llyn. I just rec'd an email saying "no news yet".

Rhonda Jeanne said...