Thursday, January 10, 2008


An American living in an Asian nation emailed me this week. He told me that I could share what he's been learning about invitations:

We get a lot of invitation here where we live; invitations to weddings, birthdays, circumcisions (my personal favorite) and lots and lots of traditional festivals. Whenever we can, especially if it comes from a good friend or an important official, we try to make it. Whenever we go we are usually ushered to the front of the room and given the best seats and a place of honor. I have even been to weddings where, we more often than not, steal the show from the new bride and groom. At larger events, like this past new years eve celebration here in town, we were invited by a young girl to come and try some of her families cooking that was going to be served; the next thing you know we are sitting with the mayor and our pictures are being aired on national television.

Invitations are pretty serious business here and if we commit to going we have to be prepared for the ride. On the other hand we have handed out a few invitations ourselves. Ours are usually a bit less formal and those that are able to come aren’t met with such regalia. Usually they get a slice of pizza, cake, or whatever the occasion calls for and around the kids bed time we start laying down the hints…Which they pick up on and so the evening ends.

I noticed this morning something…I was woken up early and invited to spend to some time with the creator of the universe. I was ushered to the front of the throne where I sat soaking in all could get before the bright eyes of our children would inevitably open. I was reading in Isaiah 66 where it talks about His invitation and how we ignore it at our own peril. There are no limits on his time, no limits on his grace… no limits on the depth of the occasion. He has invited me here and I am an honored guest.

I have to admit His invitations often get replaced with my own. My meager invitations don’t quite match those that come from the one who separated the light from the darkness and the land from the seas. When I invite him to join us He usually gets a place at the table, a slice of pizza, cake, or whatever the occasion calls for and around the kids bed time we start locking up the doors.

This morning if there is an invitation take Him up on it…don’t wait to find time and invite him in at your leisure. His throne room beats whatever you might have to offer!


Rhonda Jeanne said...

GREAT post!

Shauna said...

Thanks for the reminder! I received this as well and wanted to pass it along to my Bible study ladies.