Tuesday, January 15, 2008


That's right folks, the spots have arrived!!!!

12 year old B has 'em, 10 year old D has 'em, and 14 year old A has 'em! WOOOO-HOOOO!!!!!!!! That means the girls will be over and done with them and ready to travel come next week. God is SO GOOD...His timing is never too slow.

Thanks for all your prayers and emails of encouragement. God is showing me that more and more He wants us to need each other and praying for each other is part of that.

Love to you all and I'll keep you updated as we face departure on Wednesday, January 23.


P.S. Some of you have been asking if there is anything else you can do or that we need. A says that if anyone wants to bring her a Sonic Reeses Blast that "they will not be counted as one of the sniveling, snickering people who are happy in my misfortune and I will be so appreciative". Obviously she was hoping that God would answer by supernaturally keeping her from getting the pox. I'm obviously one of the "sniveling, snickering" ones who is ecstatic that she's getting it and we'll know that she's good to go.


Just Me said...

I must be thick. I can't find an email address on your blog.

When you have a moment (between demands from pox-afflicted children), please email me at atburbage at hotmail dot com with a place where I can provide my mailing information.

I have a friend with a small jewelry business who occasionally reads my blog. I was really hoping he'd take a look-see and order a bunch, but he hasn't mentioned it yet.

Rhonda Jeanne said...

NO, no no..not happy in her misfortune! Happy in her still-going-to-Africa good fortune! Keep it in perspective, A! Plus, you could tell your story to LS and maybe she'll write about and you'll be famous!!! See...all how you look at it! And by the time you get back, the spots will be gone and you have GREAT tan.