Wednesday, December 19, 2007

YiKeS or WOW!?! PLEASE PRAY!!!!!!

I might be interviewed this afternoon by a local TV show about, of all subjects, sex ed! When the news gal called to ask me if I would, I just had to laugh! ME!!!! The mom of SEVEN children and old fashioned prude being interviewed about SEX ED and how we are teaching our children about this subject and dealing with the over sexed culture we live in. part of me is scared I'll sound like an idiot (plus, I HATE my voice when I hear it on videos or tapes) or look like a DORK...but the other part of me thinks its really fun and funny and yes, exciting. Its not everyday this down home country gal has a tv crew show up on her doorstep.

But I do want to present a positive message...the message that God's way works. Its not just about abstaining so bad things don't happen, its about abstaining so that beautiful things can happen more easily in life. Its that when we follow God's plan life is sure easier and makes a wonderful, forever marriage so much easier to have one day.

Please pray for me, okay? The kids are pretty excited but we're pretty sure we're going to make them do the interview OUTSIDE!



(Who needs to go and roll her hair!!!!!)

P.S. Oldest dd says I need to tell them that one way I'm teaching them about abstinence is by taking her and 2nd dd to Swaziland where they have the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world. I guess if that doesn't give clear evidence for the importance of abstinence outside of marriage, nothing does!

P.S.P.S. They wanted to interview me in our living room but when I balked at that they said we could do the yard. Sigh...I hate feeling so insecure about my house, my looks, etc. I'm usually a pretty confident person but this kind of thing really brings out all my petty insecurities. We're still cleaning the living room as best as we can just in case, but I'm thinking the yard is a much better option.


UPDATE: Its now about an hour and a half after the tv station initially phoned. They were supposed to call back and verify things but I've not heard back so far. Might end up being much ado about nothing. Que sera...just don't know if I'm relieved or disappointed.


KellyJean said...

You are gonna do a fAbUlOuS Job!!! I am laughing though because I know how you feel!!! I was interviewed for something a couple of years ago... in our yard... and I had such a nervous stomach that I had to piddle 47 times before the camera guy got there.

Hey, while you are out in the yard, you can point over to the barn and tell them living on a hobby farm with lots of cats provides a natural setting to your homeschool sex ed program!

Laughing!!! Laughing maniacally!!!

Elysa said...

Oh Kelly! You're such a HOOT!:D

But in all seriousness, for real, who needs formal sex ed when you live on a farm!?!? Its down right embarrassing at times.

Rhonda Jeanne said...

A friend of mine once let some homeschool families come to her farm, and the horses were getting "friendly". One of the kids said, "HEY! What kind of field trip is this?" LOL!!!