Monday, December 17, 2007


I'm seriously praising God here that the calendar I TRIED to do TWICE last night is done and will soon be shipped...and this time it worked fine and dandy. Since I had LOTS of practice doing it last night, I had the entire thing created and ordered in about half an hour. But believe me, the entire time I was as nervous as a cat at a coon hunt. I just kept waiting for it to freeze up or not upload or my precious toddler hobbit to press some crucially WRONG key but it all went smoothly. And its a good thing...I don't think my fragile psyche could have handled another mess up tonight. I'm plum wore out!

I've spent the majority of the day packing up packages to mail, running errands, and fixing my special Christmas snack mix. Its a variation of the traditional Chex mix. I usually make a regular one for those little'ns in my families with less than adventurous palates. And I do a spicy, Cajun mix for those of us who want our taste buds to stand up and do some zydeco dancing! Today I threw in some cute little bunny shaped crackers and renamed it Br'er Rabbit Snack Mix. I ate a HUGE mugful for lunch and I'm still full from that yum-o crunch lunch.

As said earlier, I'm pretty spent. I walked in at around 6:00 from my trip into town and changed straight into my pj's. I fixed a simple supper of potato soup and oldest daughter A fixed Jif cornbread muffins. Then it was on to the computer to create the now infamous calendar.

And now here I am....using up my last few specks of energy before Super Hubby herds me off to blissful rest in my monkey jungle beach bed.

Hope all of y'all have nights filled with good sleep and visions of chocolates dance through your heads.


P.S. I just have to add a new bit to this comedy of errors. When I hit the button to view my blog and new post I realized it had accidently gotten posted on my DAUGHTER'S blog! YIKES! Needless to say, she would NOT be happy if my happy homemaker post got left on her edgy, rocker girl blog so I got to spend even MORE of my last few remaining specks of energy fixing things. I'm tired. I'm going to bed! I don't even NEED Super Hubby to make me get up and go now. YAA-A-A-AAAWN........

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