Thursday, December 13, 2007


A couple of years ago I came across an incredibly delish recipe for meatballs but it was time intensive because of making the meatballs from scratch. I loved the flavor but as a mom of 7 kids who doesn't organize her time very well, I needed something easier. Drawing on my "creative cooking" skills inherited from my Grandma Harvey, I came up with my own version. These are really YUM-O in my ever humble opinion. These maybe just a wee bit less delicioso than the completely "from scratch" version, but the ease and quickness of it more than makes up for any discrepancies in taste.


2 bags of frozen meatballs (original flavor...not "Italian")
1 can of crushed pineapple
1 can of "jellied" cranberry sauce

Cook the meatballs in a skillet over medium with just a bit of oil and occasionally turning them til they are browned. While they are cooking, mix together the pineapple (undrained) and cranberry sauce. Put half of it in the bottom of a crock pot. Put the meatballs in the crock pot. Pour the rest of the pineapple/salsa mixture over the meatballs and stir GENTLY til all the balls have some sauce on them. Cook the meatballs on low or high heat til the sauce is hot and bubbly then turn to warm until ready to serve.

Eat them by themselves or they can be served over rice or pasta. If going the rice/pasta route, double the "sauce" so that you'll have plenty of it to flavor the rice/pasta.



~Deidra~ said...

Yummy...sounds very good!

KellyJean said...

I'm gonna try that!