Tuesday, December 18, 2007


My daughter has a HUGE scab on her knee thanks to some innocent rough housing perpetrated at youth group. Today she told me---

"Its turning green. I don't like green skin. I don't look good in green."

Don't worry, I'm not posting pic!


KellyJean said...

Hmmmm... you said teenager so I am assuming that means A... however, I would think B would have uttered that statement! Wait a minute... B is 12 right?!?!?! She didn't turn 13 did she??????

Elysa said...

Yep, I mean A. Believe it or not she is now all into eye liner, and clothes, and jewelry, and all that good stuff. She's not a pink froo-froo girl, but she's definitely a young woman now. I'll have to send you some new photos soon.

And B is still 12.