Thursday, January 12, 2012


The day we've long dreamed of and planned for is here.

Swaziland Scene re-sized

We are understandably very excited but also have our apprehensions here and there. I know God is leading us, it is just a pretty big deal to go to Africa for two weeks. Wow.

Anyway, our whole family would really appreciate your prayers during this trip but here are some that especially apply for these first few days:

*That we won't forget important things such as passports, money, and kids.
*That we won't lose important things such as passports, money, and kids.
*Traveling mercies as we drive to the airport and then fly first to Paris and then to Africa and then drive on to Manzini, Swaziland.
*Protection in Paris. Alertness as well as peace. I admit it, the idea of taking my small children to a big city that doesn't have English as its first language is a bit freaky to me. But God is bigger!
*Ease of travel for the younger kids. It is the first time for the 4 of them to every fly.
*Pray for my ears. Due to a lot of scarring on my ear drums, I have, in the past, often experienced a lot of discomfort and even extreme pain. When I flew to Thailand, they did great. I pray the same for this trip.
*Rest during our flights.
*All our luggage will arrive safely and we'll be able to fit it in the rental van in Johannesburg.
*Ease going thru customs and the border crossing into Swaziland.
*That we'll be a blessing to all we encounter. A family our size traveling together will have plenty of questions asked and will have many opportunities to share what we're doing and WHO we're doing it for. I want us to be a light for God even before we land in Africa.
*Unity and love reigning in our family.
*That we'll hear from God and sense His calling and guidance every step.
*Protection for our house, animals, and those who are staying behind and taking care of our farm and other responsibilities while we are gone.

Thanks so much and hopefully, the next time you hear from me, I'll already have wonderful things to report.

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us5 said...

:hugs: to you, Elysa! and your whole family, as you leave tomorrow. i'm praying right now, and will keep praying as you travel. God has orchestrated this trip so far, and He promises to never leave or forsake can boldly say "GOD IS MY HELPER!!" Look up, see the face of your Savior! Do you see any worry there? ♥ Go in His name, and watch HIM work. love, barbara