Monday, January 09, 2012


Crazy amazing but we've just got two full days and a few hours left to prepare and pack for our Swaziland trip.

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It has been so fun to see how God is bringing in the needed provision. All of the items but two things on the "wishlist" have been provided. And to be honest, one of those things has been searched for high and low to no avail. Who knew Jiffy, white, frosting mix could be so elusive?

So as of now, the only things left on the list are:

*The a fore mentioned frosting mix (that apparently carries but they seem to be the only ones)

*A laptop computer battery for a house parent at a children's home.

Speaking of that children's home, here's an account from last year's trip journal which tells about our visit to that same ministry.

Thursday, 9/30/10

We spent three hours at Hwane Farm and Teen Challenge touring it, meeting staff, and talking with Timothy Makhanya.

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He was very, very helpful, gracious, and informative. He confirmed the great need for more ministry and help in [the area of Swaziland that we believe God is calling us to live and serve]. Wow!

We then went to the coffee shop at Ngwenya Glass for lunch. It was very, very good food. The chocolate cake was especially great.

We then toured the glass-blowing factory, wandered thru the shops, and visited with many of the clerks and craftspeople. We especially had a good chat with the owner of a wooden toy shop (The Rocking Horse Company) who also owns the Chocolate Studio.

We left and drove just a it thru Mbabane before heading back to Manzini.

The Brittens, missionaries who have been in Swaziland and South Africa since 1967, joined us for a taco/burrito supper.

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They shared with us how God led them to Africa and told us about the work of the Zion Bible College and gave their insight on many issues related to life in Swaziland and ministry.

After everyone went to bed, I spent some time online, especially messaging back and forth with David, Betsie, and Anna. It is nice to know that they want us back home.

Hopefully, the next time we are in Africa, it will be with them.

And how cool that this is coming true. God is taking them back with us this time. What an amazing, amazing blessing.

A couple of prayer requests before I sign off for the night.

Please pray for my full healing. I'm still feeling weak and headachey from the stomach virus that hit yesterday. Pray that no one else will get it!

Pray for us as we organize and pack all the donated items as well as our personal items. Getting nine people plus a wonderful amount of ministry supplies ready is a big task but I know God will give us what we need to get it done! Pray that we'll have wisdom to know the best way to do it and that all the things that need to get down between now and Thursday morning will happen with grace and perfect timing.

And most of all, pray that God is opening our ears to hear and our hearts to receive all that He wants to tell us and show us. I want even our pre-trip days to glorify Him and be used for His glory and our good.

Til tomorrow, as the Swazis would say, sala kahle (stay well)!
Elysa Thandeka


Karen Deborah said...

awesome good journey to you all!

Elysa said...

Thank you, Karen! I hate that we haven't gotten together in such a long while. When we get back and my brain isn't in such a blender (that time will happen, won't it?) let's PLEASE see each other!

The time for us to move in two years is going to be here before we know it!