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Since we're leaving for Swaziland next week, it dawned on me that I better finish sharing from our last trip's journal of events before I've got this trip's events to share. But first, let me do something else.

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A lot of folks have been asking us what we still need for our trip to Swaziland. I've gone thru and updated the list of items that we're still lacking. If you don't live locally, you've still got time to ship if you send it a quick way. If you don't think you can ship in time but you'd like to donate money so we can go out and buy the items ourselves, contact me and I'll send you our mailing address. And some have also asked if we still need funds for our trip. Yes, we are still
very thankfully accepting money to go towards the van rental, food, and accommodations.

Okay, so below is the up-dated list of items that the carepoint kids, missionaries, Swazi leaders, etc. need or have requested. For some of the kids, these donations are HUGE needs such as school supplies. For others, like the missionaries serving there, little things like a new book or chocolate chips, give them that loving boost when they are missing home or feeling discouraged.

There are also a couple of things that we need to help us with our trip.

I am putting initials or names by some of the items so I can keep up with who the items are for. It also might help some of you if you are looking for items that would specifically go to the carepoint kids are a certain missionary or Swazi staffer that you know personally.

*pencils (Bheveni Carepoint)

*pens (Bheveni)

*loose leaf notebook paper (Bheveni)

*books by Francine Rivers (NM)

*stickers (Bheveni)

*balloons (Bheveni)

*pancake mix (NM)

*Clean, classic books such as ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, HENTY books, LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, JANE AUSTEN, the old HARDY BOYS, etc. --- NO references to magic, witches, the occult, etc. (Bheveni Carepoint and others)

*Christian fiction --- young adult, children's, and adult (Bheveni and otherd)

*Children's picture books --- no references to anything magical (Bheveni and others)

*Colored Construction paper (carepoints and missionary kids)

*Mp3 player, any brand (TM)

*Elastic waisted skirts (HN, carepoint gogos, teachers, and others)

*Solid Stick Deod/Anti-perspirant (HN)

*Laptop Computer - To be used by house parent at an orphan home (HFNM)

*Monopoly Deal card game (HJS)

*Baby dolls (especially dark-skinned ones)

*Small toys such as Hot Wheels cars, balloons, plastic animals, balls, jump ropes, Happy Meal prizes, etc.

*Vacuum-air-out bags so we can fit more stuff in less space (for us to use on trip)

*Size 8 or 10 skirts that go to the knee or below for our daughter LG. Apparently, these skirt lengths are not in style right now and I've not been able to find her any.

*Size 2 or 3 casual sandals for our daughter LG. Our stores aren't carrying these yet. It is going to be summertime in Swaziland.

These items do NOT have to be new. Books can still be read even if they've been read a dozen times. Pancake mix needs to be uncooked, though. ;)

So now that I've taken care of that bit of business, here's the next installment from my 2010 Swaziland Trip travel journal:

September 26

[I got the team involved in this entry, asking them to write something about the day's events]

The Team's Day: One or more "things" about our day...

"Today we checked out of Tum's George Hotel. We worshipped at the Timbutini Church with our African brothers and sisters in Christ. We crossed the border into South Africa. Mbabane looks much more prosperous than Manzini. Much greener as well. The road to Nelspruit had breathtaking scenery and we saw a baboon and a giraffe. God is good - all the time!" J. Mac

"I saw a wild baboon!!" --- Kelly L.

"Looking out over several hills with the sun setting between all the trees as we drove close to Nelspruit [South Africa]. Also seeing the very well dressed women barefoot and eating hunks of meat and bread at the gas station." --- Erica Z.

"For me, it was nice to be at Timbutini EWC [Church] --- I had missed the last couple of weeks because of trips. It was great to worship the Lord with all hte brothers and sisters from America!! Church was long and hot (11 a.m. to 2 p.m.). But it was nice, especially at the end when the church did appreciation for Pastor Walter with a special cake and a bedroom duvet set." --- Dennis AKA "Masoma" [missionary who helped us out through out our time in Africa]

"Dad danced. Mom made me write in her journal. I listened to Enrique and Shakira. Waka waka (this time for Africa)." --- Anna [our oldest daughter]

"Enjoyed worship with Timbutini and Pastor Walter's message. Feel like our trip has gone very well, but shorter than I'd like --- tough I don't know it could be "long enough". Enjoyed hearing 'God is Good --- All the Time!' again." --- Mike Brower

"My favorite part of today was getting the Timbali purses at teh AIM offices. I'm so excited to take them home to my friends and family. Oh, and I really liked seeing Kelly see a baboon! :)" --- Danielle Brower

Thanks to my AMAZING team, I don't have too much to write which means I can go to sleep quickly. That's a GOOD thing as we wake up at 4:20 a.m. to leave for Kruger Game Park at 5:00!!!

Some other details ---

*Saw a little girl that Anna remembered at Pastor Walter's church from her AIM trip in 2009.

*Clyburns and McAdams family were present at service as well as the REAL LIFE team. They are families from Alabama that just arrived in Swaziland this week to serve for 2 years wtih AIM.

*Lunch --- sandwiches and crisps [chips] while parked in front of AIM office.

*Bought ice cream bar and dark chocolate at the store near Badplaas. Cashier thought we were German. I said, "we're American but I've lived in S'land so long I've lost my accent. ;)

*Supper at Jon Dory's at Riverside Mall.

*Guest house bedrooms are the most BEAUTIFUL rooms I've ever stayed in in Africa - maybe anywhere.

*I already miss Swaziland. Will be glad to be back there on Tuesday.

*I also miss my kids.

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