Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Being on the mission field requires a LOT of flexibility

Yep, that means our plans changed.

Due to torrents of rain, the roads were unsafe to travel to the Bheveni Carepoint today. We were able to meet with some of the AIM Staff (including the D-Team ladies) and give them gifts at the office in Manzini. They say THANK YOU!!

We will have to wait and go another day when it is not pouring litres upon litres of water out onto the roads.

Since our day became free, we drove out a bit (on PAVED WET roads) to Swazi Candle and its surrounding shops. Came back to Manzini and went to the newest mall built, The Riverstone Mall, and looked around a bit and exchanged money. Then we stopped by the Spar Grocery and bought some wholesome snacks (panini buns, apples, mini Bonbel cheeses, and salami).

Jim and Anna have espcaped to a nearby, quiet, coffee shop for some introvert re-charge time while the rest of us are at the Donaldsons checking facebook, playing the guitar, taking a nap, adding more photos to our fb album, chatting about the culture,learning to play Mexican Trainwreck, and blogging the second post for today since I have the time and internet access.

Jim and Anna will bring back pizzas from The Rustic Tavern for supper. This is Anna's favorite pizza in the whole wide world. I bought a couple of yummy-smelling, fresh pineapples to slice up as a go-along. In case you are wondering, the food is pretty darn amazing in Swaziland. Okay, you all know me enough to know that most everything is pretty darn amazing to me in Swaziland.

If you are on facebook, look for our trip albums. I've already got two up!

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