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I feel like I need to keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not really dreaming. My family of a million kids is actually going to Swaziland for two whole weeks! It is better than a dream come true. It is the amazing, beautiful, crazy, good, miraculous life that God has custom designed for us. Wow.

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And the blessings just keep getting heaped on us. We've been receiving packages and provision from people every day this week and just got two more boxes today. I wish every single person who has contributed was going with us and could see the faces on the children --- and happy adults --- when they receive their gifts. Socks and notebook paper and stickers are a big, big deal when you're an orphan living in a mud hut with six other children and no parents. Goodies from America are a huge boost when you're a missionary struggling with homesickness and wondering some days if anyone remembers you.

I promise to take lots of pictures, though. In fact, I'm sure my family will complain that I'm taking too many, but how can I not? There will be so many images that I will want to capture so I can hang on to them long after we're back in the States and preparing for the big move to live there.

In the meantime, I wanted to update you all on the last few things we're trying to get for the trip then I'll share some more from our last trip.

Here's the list of "love to have" items:

*Hard case to borrow for an acoustic guitar. My son David would love to be able to take his Taylor to play at the ministry sites we'll be visiting as well as lead our family in worship. Plus, he's a bit of an addict where his guitar is concerned.

*White Jiffy frosting mix for an American missionary.

*Size 3 casual sandals for my daughter LG. Even boys' leather or athletic types would work. Our stores aren't carrying sandals yet and it is going to be HOT in Swaziland!

*A laptop battery for a houseparent at an orphan home.

*An American teenaged missionary kid just asked me if I'd bring some sweets over for her from back "home". She loves Jelly Bellies, Lifesavers, Gummi Bears, Dum Dum Pops, Jolly Ranchers, any kind of CHOCOLATE!

We are also still accepting donations to help cover our expenses such as van rental, petrol, and food. Online donations can be made at our PayPal account. Go to this link to get there:

And now back to an account from last year's Swaziland trip. At this point in the trip, our Bheveni Carepoint Team (along with our daughter Anna) have returned to the States so Jim and I are on our own to explore Swaziland and seek God's will for our future.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

After a nice, light breakfast with Inge and Dudley, we loaded up the car with clothes adn other items such as play-doh and party goods for the kids at the preschool.

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We got to Moriah Centre in Big Bend a little after 10:00 and just as last time, it was lovely to see Di Hampson and spend time at the Moriah Centre. Many improvements have been made since last time including electrical lights in all the rooms, bright murals painted on the walls, and playground equipment in the back.

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After a thorough tour of the preschool, we brought in the clothes and the teachers all selected one outfit for each dhild. I really enjoyed seeing the way things are progressing and chatting wtih the teachers including showing them and giving them photos from my last visit.

Afterwards, Di treated us to lunch at a very chic yet comfortable coffee house attached to the Spar grocery store in Big Bend.

She shared her heart about what she envisions for the Moriah Centre and ministry needs of the community. She was very kind and encouraging to us. She and her husband have been living in Big Bend for 19 years, and like me, has always felt at home.

AFter Di left, Jim and I did a little shopping and browsing in the Spar. We bougth soe food items to take home with us.

We then left BB and drove back to Manzini and went to the market. We visited vendors I had met on my last trip. I was disappointed that Prisca wasn't there as I had visited with her about 4 times last trip. I was also sad to find out that another woman (whose photo I had brought to give her) had died two years ago leaving her nine children to be raised by her sister Goodness. Goodness' husband died just a month or so later leaving her with not just her sister's children but her five as well. She asked me to pray that God would help her to expand her house as it is only one bedroom. We bought several items from her. We had not planned to but I wanted to do something to help her.

We also talked to a young man who I bought items from last time. From Sezar we boughgt a batik print and a wooden hair fastener. Sezar is Mozambican and asked us to pray for him as he is in Bible School wtih the Aseemblies of God in Maputo and desires to preach Jesus everywhere he goes.

Then it was back to the Donaldson's for a supper of sweet-n-sour chicken and afterwards games --- Farkle, Spades, and Nertz.

I have five more days in my travel journal and five days til we leave. Don't know if I'll get it all posted here or not but we'll see. Hope springs eternal in the heart of a procrastinator.

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