Monday, July 25, 2011


I've been loving hearing the day-to-day details about David's Peru trip. Yes, I absolutely love hearing about how God moved in his life and how he ministered, but I also love finding out the every day things such as what he ate, how he got his clothes clean, and where he stayed. Maybe it's a mommy thing.

Anywho...found a video at YouTube that shows a short clip of where his team stayed in Nauta. It was made by another team a while back, maybe even a year or so ago because David says there are some houses built near the center that aren't present in the video.

So now you've seen one of their town digs. I'll try to post photos of their jungle village accommodations later on as well as some food photos. I love food photos. Especially ones from other countries that feature my kids eating grubs and raw shell creatures.

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