Thursday, July 21, 2011


Many missionaries are on my heart tonight and I wanted to ask you to please pray for them.

*First, please pray for Kriek Gerber and the other Adventure in Missions staff in Swaziland as they are deeply grieving right now. One of the little boys who is a regular attendee at one of the carepoints has just been murdered by his step-father. Kriek writes about it in her blog and shares that this is the hardest day she has ever faced as a missionary. Please pray for this little boy's biological family but also for his spiritual family as they mourn his loss and deal with all that is related to this tragedy. Kriek's blog is:

*David and his team are flying home from Peru today and will be arriving in Atlanta tonight. Pray for safety and ease during traveling but also pray for them as they debrief tomorrow and are reunited with their family and friends this weekend. Re-entry into American culture and adjusting back to back-home life can be just as hard if not more hard in some ways than adjusting to the culture they just served in.

*Some of the on-the-field and just-returned missionaries I know are suffering from physical conditions that need healing. Some of these conditions are temporary, such as the tummy issues that short-termers often deal with, but others are long-term issues, such as Dudley Donaldson's extreme sinus problems.

*Serving in other countries, especially those that are extremely poor or intensely different than the American culture, can just be really hard at times. Whether it is lack of running water, language barriers that make communication difficult, missing family and friends back home, or feeling overwhelmed by the dire needs around them, it can all make living and serving on the foreign mission field very, very difficult at times. It can make home look very tempting. Pray that God will strengthen them, comfort them, empower them, encourage them.

*Most missionaries have to raise their own financial support. Pray that they will receive the provision they need to serve on the mission field and have the peace they need while they are waiting for that provision.

*Pray for physical safety. Crazy driving conditions, people hostile to the gospel, dangerous animals, or unstable governments are just some of the things that missionaries need prayer coverage for.

Thank you for joining with me as we support God's messengers of His good news around the world. They really can't do what they do without prayer.

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