Tuesday, July 19, 2011


David's mission team down in Peru has just a couple of days left before they return to the States. We received this message from him a couple of days ago:

"The Amazon is so beautiful! It´s the most amazing place I have ever been in my whole life. God has changed so many things about me. See you all soon!"

I am so happy for him that God has blessed him with this opportunity to serve others while also having a great adventure. I gotta be honest, though, and admit that I miss him and and am very excited about seeing him in a few days and hearing all about his trip.

His team just spent some time away from the town of Nauta in a couple of villages doing ministry and learning even more about the Peruvian culture. Here's a blog that his team leader, Rich Brooks, wrote:


"We made it back from the Rivers (All three of them to be exact). The Marañón and Ucayali rivers meet to form the Amazon, and we managed to see all 3. You would be very proud of everyone here! The slept with bats flying around in the living quarters of our first village, while the guys slept in hammocks in an open air house that had just been built shortly before our arrival. Everyone pooped in holes (AKA Squatty Potties) and even took turns killing an plucking chickends for our meals, and YES, they even bathed in the river, taking in breathtaking sunsets and even catching glimpses of the elusive pink river dolphins!

After a 2ish hour boat ride we arrived in our first village where everyone took part in leading two days of VBS and spent the afternoons visiting people in their homes. In the evenings, everone took part in the night time services held by the local church. We performed the drama we learned during training camp, lead worship songs, preached the word, or delivered testimonies.

Another short boat ride later, we arrived in village number 2. It was much larger than the first and rested where the two Amazon River tributaries merge into the Amazon headwaters. Here the students cleared the rooms of taranculas and other various critters as they began once again to wage war against the horse flys that seemed to enjoy the smell of deet. Again the students lead 2 days of VBS, visted people in their homes, and lead evening church services.

It was amazing to watch all of the students overcome the elements so that they could share the gospel with the villagers. They grew in boldness as they spent time in homes praying with natives and pouring out so much love.

Watching everone take care of each other was beautiful. Our men making sure their sistes were safe from spoders, snakes and the like, while also carrying their bags for them. Meanwhile, the women were making sure their brothers had plenty to eat, plenty to drink, and often helped keep the living quarters clean.

Even now (this post was written while still on the boat back to Nauta), I was able to look around at the students laughing, sleeping, talking, and soaking up their surroundings. They have come a long wway since training camp and still have a few more days left to go a little further! I can´t wait to see what else God has in store!"

Photos are from Megan Morris who was on an Ambassador team in the same area last summer.

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