Sunday, July 10, 2011


We were glad to hear news from both Anna and David this weekend.

Anna's team is nearing the end of their time in Thailand and will be home at the end of this week.

Monday will be their last full day in Phuket. During the day, they'll be doing construction and working at the school they've been ministering at. Anna figures she'll be at the school. They will go to Bangla Street to minister to the bar girls for the last time that night. They'll take the AIM Real Life team that has been ministering
in the bars to meet the specific girls they've built relationships with. They'll make sure they get to know them so they can keep building on these relationships for the last few weeks that they will be in Phuket.

Tuesday will be for packing, saying goodbyes, and starting their debrief before catching an overnight bus to Bangkok. They'll leave Bangkok early Thursday morning their time (they are twelve hours ahead of us) and they'll arrive in California while it is still morning there due to the time zone craziness. Then it will be on to Atlanta where they'll arrive that evening.

Please pray for traveling mercies, but more than that, pray that God will move powerfully through them their last day of ministry. It is already nearly middle of the day in Phuket so I can only imagine how intent they are right now on squeezing out every bit of the day for His Kingdom.

Thanks in advance for your prayers and thank you for all the support you've shown Anna during this amazing adventure. The folks back "home" are truly a very important part of any missionary's experience.

Tomorrow, I'll post the updates on David and his team way down south in Peru. Their first week of their Amazon adventure is well under way and God is moving.

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