Friday, July 22, 2011


Now that David's team is out of the jungle, they have access to reliable internet service. One of the team leaders (THANK YOU, ALANA!!!) has posted a few photos at facebook. I wanted to share this one of all the students. David is the one, that for whatever reason, is looking at the ground.

Looking forward to hearing the story behind that one but really, really want to hear the story behind this one:

Because from the expression on the feeder's face, the expression on David's face, and the fact that everyone and their madre is taking pictures of the feeding, tells me that what he's about to ingest ain't something he'd pick up at the local Kroger or Sonic.

P.S. Totally off topic, but if you see or talk to my hunky hubby today, it is his birthday so please wish him a great one. He is now 46 years awesome!

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