Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It is always hard to see someone we care about hurting. As a parent, there is a unique pain when our child is hurting and we can't fix it. As a grown child, their is also a unique pain when our parent is the one who is suffering.

When we were little, our parents --- usually our moms --- were the ones who we would turn to when we were feeling sick. We trusted that they would make things better. Whether it was just a kiss for a boo-boo, a snuggle in the rocking chair when we felt bad, or some good old, chewable, orange, children's aspirins (remember those?) when we had a fever and headache, we knew that our parents would do whatever it took to make us feel all better.

But now my mom is the one who is not feeling good. And she's been feeling bad for a while. It just seems like the last couple of years, it has been one thing after another. My step-dad died three years ago and my grandmother's condition has really deteriorated, so my mom has had a lot on her emotionally. But over the last several months, the physical "not feeling well" has escalated and now she's the one who needs to be made "all better".

She emailed me today asking me and Jim to pray for her. She's gone to doctor after doctor and taken medication after medication to no avail. She is having leg pain --- for which she is seeing a chiropractor for --- and dizziness and tremors. Doctors have tried various things for the latter and now she is scheduled to go see a neurologist.

She is forcing herself to do the things that have to be done but this constant pain and dizziness is wearing her down.

She needs to be healed of this pain and suffering.

She needs God to lift her spirits and bring her the kind of peace that passes and understanding that only He can bring.

She needs God to move in a mighty, mighty way.

Would you please join with me in praying for my sweet, sweet mama?

Her name is Evelyn and I know she is very precious to our Lord.

Thanks in advance,

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