Monday, October 11, 2010


Okay, so as you have probably figured out by now. I like Swaziland. A lot. And now my husband does, too. And God definitely likes Swaziland a LOT and because He likes it a lot and WE like it a lot, He is going to let us move there. I personally think that this is pretty cool. Anyways, my kids are all okay with us moving there.

Which is also pretty cool.

I thought it would be fun to let them give their viewpoint of the upcoming move. Granted, it is still a couple of years away, but there is no time like the present to dream and plan.

Okay, so Miss M. As our resident 5 year old, what do you think about moving to Swaziland?

"I think moving to Swaziland is brilliant and all the kids will start to know that God loves them better and that I'll teach them how to play baseball because they never knew and I'll teach them how to read for the little kids and I'll take care of the orphans and feed them and I will make sure they all come to school and are not late. I'll set up a late of record of whose late and they'll get dollars if they are the good kids and then get to come to our African house that we built and let them see the repairmen and Mama loved them. And then, the last but not least, is I want to tell you I'm giving away my black dress to a little girl that is 5 years old and will like it and that's it! And one more question, that everybody in the world will know that Africa is the goodest place to go and that Africa, I am going to love because I am getting my own baby sister and that whenever it is not our bedtime, I am going to tell Baby Rosie that she will be the goodest sister in the whole entire town and that she will become a Christian and know about You God and will know the language of American is like 'hi', 'go', 'greenlight'."

Okay, so LG, what do you as a 9 year old want to tell us about our family moving to Swaziland?

"We are going to have so much fun and go on all these cool adventures! Like hunting, going on cool stuff, going to all these pretty waterfalls, going skydiving, going mountain climbing, and rollercoasters!!!!" are NOT going skydiving.

"Why n----o------t?"

Because you are a kid.

"I won't be then".

Okay. You can have your dreams.

"I am."

Alright, Mr. T, what do you want to tell us about living in Swaziland. You'll be 10 or so by then.

"I am going skydiving no matter what! When I'm 18 that is! Then, I will go rubber canoeing, you know, in those rubber boats. KAYAKING! Then I'll go on a hunting trip. Then, the next year I will move out, but that's not in hand yet. I'm not going to talk about the stuff when I move. But first, I will go to the park that has the biggest waterfall. Then, I'll fall off the waterfall. And then I will hike back up. Okay, that's all."

WOW! Those kids have some big ideas. Wonder where they got them from?

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