Friday, October 29, 2010


...or in this case, buy a candle to light in the dark so that an amazing teenage girl I know can go and take some light into some dark places.

Okay, okay...I know...that probably scores a 10 on the Cheesy Scale, but I just couldn't resist. The reason? An amazing teenage girl that I know really is selling candles to raise money for a missions trip to Nicaragua so she can shine the light of Jesus in some dark and lonely places.

I've known Candace since she and my daughter B met at Vacation Bible School when they were just little girls. They were both new to the area and so they didn't already have a passel of cousins and friends to hang out with. They were the perfect match for each other since they were both the new kids in the neighborhood...but also because they were kindred spirits.

Our B came home all excited about her new friend "Kansas" and a little while later I got all excited because I found out that her family had been missionaries in Europe and knew some of my friends from my Journeyman missionary days.

Years later, the girls are still best friends and God has radically gotten a hold of both of their lives. They are both passionate about their faith and walking it out, not just talking about it. And this coming year, while our daughter is loving on orphans and extremely impoverished kids in Thailand, Candace will be doing the same but on the opposite side of the world.

Here is Candace's story and if you decide to help her, it would bless my socks off!

My name is Candace Jeffcoat. I’ve been best friends with Miss Elysa’s second oldest daughter for over half my life!

God has given me an amazing opportunity to go to Nicaragua next summer with Adventures in Mission. In years past, teams to Nicaragua visited orphanages and those who lived in the area trash dumps. They also ministered through local churches. Basically, I will most likely be loving on orphans and whoever God puts in my path.

I will be gone for about one month. My trip will cost $3,125.00 not counting my passport and a possible visa.

To help raise money, I am making and selling candles. If you are interested in buying any candles, you can email me at

Votives are $2 and ½ pint jelly jars are $5.50.

If you live in the area we can meet somewhere and I can give them to you in person. I’ll have to add postage if mailing them.

Also, if you are interested in donating to my trip you can:

1. Go to and click on “Mission Participant”. Under “Choose a program” find “Ambassador” and fill in my name, Candace Jeffcoat.

2. Send a check (with "Candace's Trip" on the memo line) to:

Candace Jeffcoat
c/o Siloam Baptist Church
268 Siloam Church Road, Magee, MS 39111

Thank you so very much,

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