Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Day of Giving Thanks! The last of the Macs are no less grateful for their blessings just because they've been interviewed after the rest. A busy mom of seven just can only do so much on any given day, don't'cha know.
So without further adieu, let's begin the final counting with 10 year old P:

1. God

2. My family

3. My friends

4. That I had the BEST costume at Fall Festival. I was a GIRL!!!!

5. Halo 3

6. Sonic the Hedgehog

7. My cousins

8. The world

9. Legos

10. Wii and Wii games

11. Sports

12. Comic books

13. Logan Seal the Kitten

14. X-Men

15. Games

16. Toys

17. TV

18. Moms

19. My dog Brownie

20. Indie the dog

21. Shadow the cat who's my cat

22. Prince Caspian that was my cat

23. All the animals

24. Freedom

25. The army

26. Technology

Here's my oldest son D's list:

1. My friends and family

2. People of Swaziland

3. My dog

4. Boy Scouts

5. God

Now we have 8 year old LG's list:

1. Littlest Pet Shop

2. My big brother D

3. Friends

4. Toys

5. Birthdays

6. Sonic X

7. Wii games

8. Legos

9. Kittens and cats

10. Indie our dog

11. Sweets...I love sweets!

12. Fruit

13. Colors...if there wasn't any colors there wouldn't be any beautiful things.

14. Card games

15. Computers

16. Ipods

17. Animals

What am I thankful for? Where do I even get started? I have so many but I can't spend all day listing them. I love the number 24 so I'll count my blessings up to that digit.

1. God...His unconditional love and grace is simply amazing!

2. My faithful husband

3. My seven incredible children

4. My extended family

5. The abundance of friends that I have...both old and new, near and far

6. The beautiful people of Swaziland

7. That my daughter A got to spend a month in that country this past summer

8. That I'm going to get to take my husband there for the first time next year

9. A loving, open church that encourages me to live out God's dreams for my life

10. Our family's upcoming mission trip to Mexico to build a house

11. PoPcOrN

12. Dark chocolate m&m's

13. The internet, facebook, blogs, and the FIAR boards

14. Books and gifted writers such as Lisa Samson and Claudia Mair Burney

15. Music

16. My part-time job as an artist for a local children's shop

17. The beautiful fall colors

18. Hot, clean water for showers and baths

19. A clean house... a mom can dream, can't she?

20. Ministry times in inner-city Jackson

21. Children's HopeChest, Adventures in Missions, & Samaritan's Purse

22. Daughter A's job at a local Christian Conference Center and Camp

23. Warm socks

24. Joy!

And what about my hubby? He says he is thankful for "a spouse who doesn't have issues"! That's me! Really. I know, hard to believe, huh?

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I hope you each are overwhelmed with an awareness of how much God loves you.

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