Monday, November 16, 2009


Just rec'd this from our Swaziland carepoint sponsor coordinator. My oldest two daughters and I spent time at this carepoint last year and we and our church youth group sponsor two children. Thought some of you might be interested in participating in this amazing ministry:

Hello everyone! We just received 27 hard copy profiles of new children being cared for at Beveni. Our carepoint has become known as one that is providing food to children, and so the children come. They range in ages from 3 years to 17 years and include both boys and girls. I am struck by how many are very young: 11 were born in 2004 or later.

I do not have these files downloaded into my computer so I cannot send them to you via email. But if you or anyone you know are interested in becoming Hope to a child that has little to hope
for, please contact me via email! And please help me spread the word about their needs: you are welcome to share my email address with as many people as you can.

God has provided for the children of Beveni in enormous, significant ways this year. I believe He will continue doing so. One way He does this is through His big kids: through our hands (by typing emails) and our voices (by sharing the story of Beveni with others).

Jesus is becoming so real to this carepoint community. He is shining in an area of the country that had been without His light. I so desire that light to burn brightly and to welcome all who see it in.

Please know how grateful I am to care for the people of Beveni with you. You are such a blessing of encouragement to me!

I covet your prayers as we begin the journey of finding sponsors for these precious children. You prayers buoy me and my family along!

In Him, with faith in His bigness and for the Beveni community,
Deb Gangemi


Contact Deb at her email address: bevenicarepoint "at" comcast "dot" net

To read more about the Beveni Carepoint ministry, visit:

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