Friday, November 06, 2009

A friend from my college days at MUW is part of a wonderful ministry. I thought that some of you who knit and crochet might like to be a part of "setting the captives free". Here are the details:

“The Spirit of the LORD God is upon us, the body of Christ, to proclaim freedom to the captives.”

I and my fellow sister-in-arms, Mary T., have a ministry called Freedom for the Captives (501c3). Our mission is to raise awareness and work at preventing the enslavement of people through sex trafficking, to rescue those who are already bound, and to see the total release and empowerment of victims by the restoration that comes through the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We reach out locally and internationally to those who are victims and potential victims of sex trafficking.

One of our local ministry outreaches is called "Heart by Heart". We go into local strip clubs and take in goodies and gifts that express the Love of God to those working there. We spend time every month sharing God's unconditional love and listening to their stories. God has given us favor with the management and we've had opportunities to pray with girls and even the night manager! This specific outreach is about building trust and relationship with them so that they can know that God does not condemn, but is just waiting for them to let Him set them free!

For December we want to take in 40 gift bags with handmade scarves, rhinestone jewelry and other goodies. Anyone who crochets or knits would be such a blessing!

Thank you for your prayers!


If you would like to help with this act of loving ministry, let me know and I will get you in touch with Noel. And even if you can't make a scarf, I know they'd appreciate your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Please tell me more about this, Elysa.

Elysa said...

Mair---Would you like me to send you Noel's contact info? They are also involved right now with helping a young woman who has escaped from her pimp. Several other children are still being held in bondage by him and a police raid is possible about to happen. Please pray for these be set free not just physically but spiritually and emotionally. I can't even imagine.