Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I wanted to share with all of you my 14 year old daughter B's BIG news:

"OK, so for you who don't know, I was applying to go on a month long missions trip to Romania next Summer with the same organization that [my sister] went with to Swaziland, AIM. Well, I filled out the five-page long detailed application and sent it in about a week ago. This morning was my phone interview--yikes.

The results?

I'm ACCEPTED. Now, I have to fill out a BUNCH of paperwork but you know, whatever it takes to get me there.

So. My Mom wanted me to write this and I am.

Why I'm going to Romania: Because for a long time gypsies and specifically Europe have been on my heart so the fact that AIM offers this trip was like a dream come true to me. Plus, this is like God's will for me to do this. And it's Europe, which IS a bonus, I must admit.

What I will be doing: OK, I don't have many details but I DO know that we will be helping out at orphanages there (a large population of the children there are orphans) and playing soccer. That's pretty much all I know. For now. I will make sure to keep youa ll posted.

When I will be going: I will leave sometime in June for training camp and will be back in July. If you ask me, it's not long enough. But that's just me(;

So will you all please be praying for me? I'm going to need a lot of support and there are a lot of needs that have to be met to get me over there. Thank you so much!"

I am so excited for her. I can't wait to see what amazing things God is going to do in her life and through her life over the next 10 months!

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