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As many of you know, my oldest daughter will be returning this summer to Swaziland. Yes, I'm jealous. I freely admit it. I would SO love to be going this summer as well, but it's just not God's timing apparently. But despite that, I'm very excited for her. I know God is going to do some amazing things in her life and through her life. Here is the update letter she wrote and sent out today:

I’m writing this to give you all an update on my preparation for my upcoming mission trip to Swaziland, Africa, and to also ask for your support and prayer.

First off, the team of people I will be going with now has most, if not all, of the team members accepted and added to our team’s blog site ( ). So far, there are sixteen members of our team ranging in ages from fifteen to eighteen. The guys are well out numbered as there are only two of them on our team thus far.

I now know more about what I will be doing while over there. Because it’s Africa, we have to be flexible, but right now it looks like we’ll be helping to build the Nsoko Orphan Village (for more on that, visit Pastor Gift Dlamini’s blog site ( ), running an African-Style Vacation Bible School for the orphans and other vulnerable children and assisting in whatever other ways we can including visiting the dying and sick in hospitals, taking food to people too sick to go to the Carepoints, making Home Visits to check on children while praying for their families, and participating in Swazi worship services.

I will be going to Gainsville Georgia for a weekend long training camp on June nineteenth before leaving for Swaziland. We will be returning to the States July twentieth. I have to raise $4500 by mid-May and so far only have about $1000 so prayers and support are much needed. I also have to buy my plane ticket in two weeks and need to quickly raise $500 for that. The plane tickets cost around $1000 and are part of the $4500 total.

Besides financial support, we also need prayer for these areas. That:

...what we do over there will having lasting significance.

...everyone on the team will get all of their money raised successfully.

...the home sickness and missing friends and family won’t be too bad.

...we’ll be safe while we’re over in Swaziland.

...the team will come together smoothly and there won’t be any drama.

... this very VERY introverted person will be able to handle being around that many people 24/7.

Thank you so much to those of you who have already started praying for me and have given financial support. And thanks to you who will in the future. As you might know from my previous letter, Swaziland has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world and over ten percent of the country is made up of children who have lost at least one parent to HIV/AIDS. The UN has said that within three to four decades, if nothing drastically changes, Swazis as a people group will be extinct. So the situation desperately needs help as the children are vulnerable to all sorts of abuse and extreme poverty. These children need more than physical care, they need to know about a God that loves them and a church family that will provide for them.

Thank you for helping me to be part of the change that Swaziland needs.

If you have any questions about Swaziland or my ministry over there please contact me.


If anyone reading this desires to contribute financially to her trip, just go to her team's blog and you'll find a link that allows you to pay directly online. If you'd like to contribute some other way, just let me know. Believe me, we'll make a way for you to get it to us. ;)

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