Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I've mentioned Pastor Gift of Nsoko Care Center before. He is a Swazi national ministering in one of the poorest areas of his home country. Daily he fights to keep children from starving and parents from dying. He has sent out this urgent prayer request. I've told him that I would pray and ask many others to as well. Will you join me in fighting for the life of this young woman?

Just down the road from the Nsoko Care Center lives Dudu Mngometulu.

She is only 25years and dying of AIDS. The opportunistic disease killing is tuberculosis. She has been on treatment for almost 3 years now in a row.

Yesterday we discovered that she has been put on wrong drugs from the beginning. A Briton doctor from the Good Shepherd Hospital unapologetically declared that this is a failure of the health system.

Susan Elden went out of her way to assist us help Dudu. She has the worst kind of TB known as MDR. There is only one MDR hospital in Swaziland and we were told there is no place for Dudu.

We took the drugs any way hoping that a nurse that is not far from the community would help inject. She said no she cannot help because she is too busy.

Systems can fail but God never fails. I was beginning to give up on Dudu. However, because of this I have faith in God. She can live!

If you choose to believe with me please do whatsoever you can to help Dudu get better.


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