Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I have no email access at this time. Yesterday, an update was made on our pc to protect us from yuckies such as viruses and worms. It messed things up bad. I was able to fix everything except I couldn't send email. I could receive email, just not respond. Not too bad as I could respond to most folks via facebook.

But then today, my oldest daughter and I got tech support on the line and tried to fix the situation all the way.

Not. A. Good. Thing.

Now I can't get OR receive email. For a gal who does most of her communicating with the outside world via the internet, this is a bit discombobulating.

Oh well. There are worse things in the world and it won't be forever.

In the meantime, if you need me, you can probably find me via facebook, the Five in a Row message board, here on my blog --- or if all else fails --- call me.


Did I just say to use the phone? Yeah. I went there.

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Rhonda Jeanne said...

I am completely elysaless.