Tuesday, April 09, 2013


This evening, a young man followed one of our regular neighbors to our ministry. He followed him from a long way off, several miles from here. He is lost but can't communicate with us who he is or where he belongs. He has drawn us some pictures that look like his home was flooded by a lot of wavy water. He has said a couple of words. But other than that, we are no where closer to solving the mystery. He has been here for over three hours. He was dressed in just a simple white t-shirt, red basketball shorts, and black tennis shoes. Now that it is dark, it is cold. We got him a coat from the clothes ministry but he acted like he didn't even know how to put a coat on. I had to literally put his hands into the sleeves, pull it up, and zip it for him.

The police are here and as we waited for them to hear back from DHS, I drew him animal pictures and he laughed at the cat and made a soft trumpeting noise for the elephant.

Who is this young man? Who is supposed to be taking care of him? How is he wandering the streets when he seems so incapable of even doing something as simple as putting on a coat?

It breaks my heart to not know who he is or where he needs to be.

I feel so helpless.

I've come inside now but he is still outside with a couple of our missionaries and the police officers.

I just wish I could somehow figure out what he has been trying to tell us. But I can't. I can't make things right. I can only pray.

Pray to the One who DOES know his name.

Pray to the One who knows his needs and loves him more than I ever could.

Pray to the One who created him and can help him despite the communication barrier.

God knows his name.

Just like He knows mine.

Just like He knows yours.

He is a God who sees all and knows all. We can never be too far from His help. Too far from His reach. Too far from His arms of love.

Father God, I pray right now that you will take care of this young man. He drew a building and wrote the word church on it. And then he made the symbol for sleeping, shut his eyes, and pantomimed rest. Lord, He seems so tired. So confused. He needs the rest that only You can bring. I don't know why church is the word he wrote. I don't know why he associates it with sleep. But You do. You know it all. Lord, please work a miracle on behalf of this young man. If his home is someplace good and safe, get Him back there Lord. Lead this little lamb back to His own fold. If home is a bad place or a non-existemnt place, take him to a new home, please Good Shepherd. Take him to a place where he will be loved and cared for. Help him, despite the communication barriers and the mental limitations, to experience Your miraculous, tangible love and the precious peace of Jesus that passes all understanding. Keep him safe, Lord. Keep Your little lost lamb safe.

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